Call To Artists: Mounts Botanical Garden Shade & Color Island

© Antonio Guerrero

Bridge and Overlook Improvements

Location: 559 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida

Budget: $137,000

Deadline: December 2, 2010

Public Art Project Description

Palm Beach County’s Art in Public Places program seeks to commission artists to create artistic railings for the pedestrian bridge and overlook in Mounts Botanical Garden’s Shade & Color Island. In addition to designing, fabricating and installing railings, artists are encouraged to address the bridge and overlook’s ground plane to create unified artistic environments.  Artwork must be durable, permanent, low maintenance, and in compliance with ADA guidelines. Short listed artists will receive as built and structural plans of the bridge and overlook, as well as a landscape plan and plant list for the Shade & Color Island. The pedestrian bridge is 440 sq. ft. with 110 linear feet of railing. The overlook is 500 sq. ft with 124 linear feet of railing.

Project Goals

  • Artwork complements planting themes of the Shade & Color Island.
  • Artwork is aesthetically compatible with existing architectural styles and finishes.
  • Artwork creates visual continuity between the pedestrian bridge and overlook.
  • Artwork materials are easy to maintain and durable for the South Florida environment.

Artwork Budget

The total budget established for the project is $137,000. This project is funded primarily through a grant from the Esther B. O’Keeffe Foundation. The budget includes ALL costs such as artist fees, travel, shipping, engineering, permits, fabrication and installation.

Artist Services

  • Detailed design of the artwork.
  • Engineering and permitting of the artwork.
  • Management of fabrication, construction and installation of the artwork.


or see attached Call to Artists, including photos of project area.

Project Questions

Send questions to, Subject: “Mounts Botanical Garden, Artist Name.” All questions and answers will be posted on the Palm Beach County’s Public Art website:

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