Mariano Costa Peuser

Mariano Costa Peuser was born in 1958 in Mendoza, Argentina. He moved to the United States in 2000, since then he lives and works in Miami.

He embraced photography as his main activity at 20 years old, since then his work has been published and exhibit, being part of several collections both museum and private. He studied at Escuela superior Nueva Escuela, Instituto de fotografía del Foto Club, and specialized workshops in lightning and composition at La Asociación Argentina de Fotográfos Profesionales, all of them in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His work is the result of a deep and vigorous investigation of the construction/destruction turmoil of life.

A brief resume of exhibitions includes:

2007 Art Collectors Gallery, Miami, FL.

2008 Action – Museum of Latin American Art MOLAA, Long Beach CA.

Colby Gallery, Chicago, IL.

Giovanni Rossi Gallery, Miami & Fort Lauderdale FL.

801 projects, Miami, FL.

CEE, Centro Cultural Español, Miami, FL.

2009 Arteamericas, Miami Beach convention center, Miami, FL.

Naomi Silva Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

Miami Dade College, Miami, FL.

Photo Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Giovanni Rossi Fine Art, Miami FL

One Show, Del Infinito Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One Show, Hardcore Contemporary Art Space, Wynwood, Miami FL.

2010 Art Shanghai Art Fair, 99 Xing Yi Rd., Hong Qiao.

Arteamericas, Miami Beach convention center, Miami, FL.

Art Rouge Gallery, Miami Florida

Art Chicago, Chicago IL

Lelia Mordoch Gallery Miami, Fl “ Celebrating Argentina’s idependence in

Bicentennial Anniversary of Argentina.

Kavachnina Contemporary, “Identity Recistance”, Miami FL

Giants in the City, “Miami Botanical Garden” August 1 to 6.

Giants in the City, “ Palacio de Bellas Artes, F.I.A.R.T Fair, Dom. Rep.

Museum of cont. Art. ” 1st. Triennal of cont. Caribbian

GIANTS IN THE CITY, “Inflatable Sculptures”, Miami, FL.

Kavachnina Contemporary, “499.99”. Miami FL.

GIANTS IN THE CITY, Miami Int. Book Fair, Miami Dade College,

Dowtown Campus, Miami Fl.

GIANTS IN THE CITY, Miami Dade College, S. Campus, Miami Fl.

Art  Shanghai 2010, “LAP/10, Latin American Pavilion, Shanghai, China.

Curator’s voice Art Projects, “The Deceptive Eye”

“Past is History Future is Mystery”  Miami Dade Collage, Curator Rafael

Lopez Ramos. Freedom Tower Miami.

Curated Show toys Art Us 20 Nov. to January 2011

Wynwood Exhibition Center, FACTORY lll Nov. 13, 2010

Aba House & Kavachnina, “One Layers Beneath” Photography Group

Show, Nov. 5 2010.

2011 Art L.A. Fair, “Kavachnina Contemporary”, Los Angeles, CA

Freedom Tower Museum, “Solo Show”, Miami FL.

Kavachnina Contemporary, “Solo Show”, Miami FL.

Miami EFFETA  “Laboratorio Evolutivo de Arte Contemporaneo” Dom. Rep

Giants in The City Bay Front Park “Art Basel Miami” Beach FL.


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Art this week: Fanged demons and fried pork rinds, Miami New Times) Apr 29 2010.

Mariano Costa-Peuser Desfile de muñecos tontos, pero estos maniquíes

artísticos hacen alarde de inteligencia, (Arte al dia Mexico) 2010

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Art Districts 4th New edia Festival Sep 12 2009

The Social Network Movie “IV New Media Festival” and Mariano Costa Peuser Sep 12 2009

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Published on 03 August 2010 by Anne Tschida in Miami” 2010, “Giants in the City” 2010, “Expo Giants in the City” 2010, “日本語パソコン海外販売

全メーカパソコン 秋葉原価格で直送クレジットカード可 駐在員 個人 法人” 2010, “EN MIAMI 
Giants in the City”


Catalog, Shanghai Art Fear 2010, Shanghai China

Catalog, Curator’s Voice Art Project, Miami FL 2010

Catalog, FIART 2010, Dom. Rep. 2010

Art Critic Carlos Suarez de Jesus comments on Mariano Costa Peuser’s Anti-Art series

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