Helga Silva named VP of News & Content at WSCV-TV Telemundo in Miami

©2011 Helga Silva

Helga Silva, award-winning journalist and broadcast executive with over twenty years of experience, will join WSCV-Telemundo 51 effectiveAS August 1, 2011, announced the station’s President and General Manager Manuel Martínez.

Silva is widely recognized for her impressive record of accomplishments as a News Director, having held that position in Miami at the local Univision station, and in New York at both Telemundo and Univision stations. During her tenure Silva led these stations’ local newscasts to the number one position in the market. Most recently Silva helped launch the only unsolved crimes program in national Spanish language television, “Persiguiendo Injusticias”, serving as the program’s Co-Executive Producer for the Telemundo Network.

“I am very pleased and proud to be able to welcome Helga Silva to Telemundo 51 because she represents the unlimited experience, impressive journalistic credentials and the passion for news that make her the ideal new leader for our News and Content teams,” said Manuel Martínez.

“I am thrilled to join Telemundo 51, a star status station in the South Florida market, because it is a rare opportunity to be able to be at the helm of a station that is a proven news leader, and to be asked to take it to the next level is a very exciting and welcomed challenge,” said Silva. “I look forward to sharing that excitement with the seasoned professionals I will be joining on August 1st as we move into the new digital world of news and content,” added Silva.

Prior to her career in television, Silva was a reporter for The Miami Herald. “Children of Mariel, published in 1984, was based on her experience covering the Mariel Boatlift. Born in Cuba, Silva resides in Miami, Florida and is the proud mother of two daughters.

Via HispanicAd.com

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