What Facebook’s f8 Announcements Mean

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

On September 22, 2011, Facebook held f8, its 4th annual developer conference. There were two clear themes throughout the keynote address and the feature demos – user engagement and content discovery. Facebook is making richer experiences possible by expanding the capabilities of the Open Graph and through the introduction of a redesigned profile page – the hub of all user activity on Facebook.

Improved discovery

The new Facebook profile page now contains three distinct elements.

  • The Timeline that allows a user to customize and share life stages and milestones with their friends and family
  • The Ticker that displays all lightweight activities from friends such as “Lisa just became friends with Gina.” in real-time
  • The News Feed itself that contains status updates and posts from a user’s social graph.

So, rather than display every action taken by a user’s friends, family and colleagues in a single timeline, these activity updates are neatly segmented into three areas of the profile page for easier discovery and consumption.

Automated Sharing

Users can opt-in to share activities to their Timeline one initial time which allows subsequent actions to be automatically shared to their Timeline.

New Ways to Leverage the Open Graph

Regardless of your industry vertical, the Open Graph will provide new ways for customers to talk about your brands and products with their social graph.


Instead of just “Liking” a product page, you can create any verb association. You will probably want users to “Want,” “Own,” and “Give” products, but think about other things customers would like to do with your products, like “Use,” “Upgrade to,” and “Rock.”

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