National Latino Broadcasting Announces First-of-its-Kind Political Programming from Washington DC Targeting US Hispanics


MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 18, 2012 / — National Latino Broadcasting LLC (NLB) announced today the roll-out of cutting-edge programming examining current political issues on Cristina Radio and En Vivo, its channels on SiriusXM targeting US Hispanics. NLB has made a commitment to provide extensive and insightful coverage of the 2012 elections from SiriusXM’s Washington DC-based studio, where daily original content will be created. The media entity will also broadcast from its Miami headquarters and has established correspondents in major cities across the country with strong Hispanic presence.

“NLB’s political programming offers a unique bicultural and bipartisan perspective on American politics and Latino voters, our country’s fastest growing electorate. The first of its kind approach provides listeners real insight on the issues impacting the Latino vote through the lens of some of the nation’s top Hispanic political strategists,” said Nelson Albareda, President and CEO of NLB.

Both En Vivo and Cristina Radio will air political segments and provide election coverage across their entire programming grid, as well as offer listeners specialized shows with live feeds from Washington DC.

Cristina Radio will air From Washington al Mundo, bringing information from the nation’s capital on current events in foreign policy. Mauricio Claver-Carone, a Capitol Hill insider, political advocate, and one of the nation’s most widely-respected foreign policy commentators, will share his expertise on a broad range of international, political and economic affairs. From Washington al Mundofeatures interviews and discussions with national and international leaders, policy experts and opinion-makers and airs Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:00 pm ET. Premiering this week, Claver-Carone’s special guest is U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Republican Congresswoman from Florida.

Also on Cristina Radio, a new generation of political commentators from opposite sides of the aisle will face off in Power Play. Two fresh voices on the political scene, Republican Bettina Inclan and Democrat Alicia Menendez, serve up a savvy combination of politics, pop culture and social issues with a Latino twist. By sharing their unique perspectives as young Latina political strategists in the world of campaigns and elections, they provide listeners insider access to the 2012 elections and beyond. In addition, Power Play will cover the Republican primaries including broadcasting from some of the key races. A new program airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 pm/ET.

En Vivo will air the segments providing insight into the world of politics and election coverage on its morning show, Tu Manana Live, on SiriusXM channel 147 at 6 am/ET.

Cristina Radio, which airs on SiriusXM channel 146, launched last Thursday, January 12th. The channel has been built around media mogul and talk show icon Cristina Saralegui who signed an exclusive radio contract with NLB in May 2011 and is making her satellite radio debut. NLB’s other channel, En Vivo, airing on SiriusXM channel 147, is an innovative music channel offering exclusive Latin GRAMMY® related content, also hit the airwaves last Thursday.

In April 2011, NLB was selected by Sirius XM Radio to lease two channels on a long-term basis to air on each of the Sirius and XM satellite radio platforms. It offers listeners a wide array of 24/7 programming on a variety of subjects that include news, entertainment, music, and political issues.

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