Prisa Digital Celebrates Its First Year of Operation in the US


A year after the establishment of its operations in the US, the digital division of PRISA for the Americas welcomes the progress of its business and commends the success of its partnership agreements. Beginning this month, the company will be presenting new products for the US Hispanic audience.

MIAMI, March 1, 2012  /PRNewswire/ — PRISA, the leader in content creation and distribution in Spanish and Portuguese, celebrates the first year of operation of its digital division for the Americas in the US.

PRISA Digital´s properties reached more than 15 million unique users per month in the region. These include,,,, and a network of hundreds of radio stations among other online properties.

Regarding the many achievements of PRISA Digital, Alvaro Palacios, Vice President, Sales and Operations for the Americas, commented: “2011 has been a year of challenges we have successfully overcome.  We’ve focused on positioning our offering across Latin America and the US Hispanic Market with an approach that integrates all of PRISA’s properties. For this year we will roll out new features, services and products to bring premium content opportunities and solutions for brands to engage with their audiences via innovative channels.”

During 2011, PRISA Digital Americas closed agreements with Grupo  Notmusa for online sales of the editions of TVNotas, Record, Veintitantos, 15 a 20 and H Extremo USA. It also closed a successful sales agreement with AcheiUSA, the top Portuguese newspaper in the United States.

PRISA Digital Americas actively participates in industry events such as the LatinVision CEO Summit in New York, the IAB coordinated digital media panel at the AHAA Conference (Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies) and the Festival of Media.

Beginning this month, PRISA Digital Americas will present new editorial and entertainment projects. The first, “Elections 2012”, will provide the latest news of America’s most important political issue. And the second, “Alta Confidelidad” will uncover the history and secrets of some of the top Latino music artists of the moment. For more information or Twitter @PDAMERICAS

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