MediaPost Publications More Portable Than Mobile: 90% of Tablet Use Over WiFi 03/21/2012

Ipad-with-wifi-icon-The embedded LTE networking capability in the new iPad was catnip for gadget geeks. Oh, did the benchmarks pour in — almost as thick a gusher as the, well, gushing over Retina Display sharpness. 17GB per second and greater speeds were clocked as reviewers got out the old Speedtest app to prove just how world-changing, mind-blowing, and paradigm-shifting high-speed wireless broadband can be.

Except when it’s irrelevant to the overwhelming majority of tablet users. According to the latest research and forecasting from Chetan Sharma, 90% of tablets use WiFi only. Sure, there are millions of tablets out there with cellular capability. But the majority of those 3G and now 4G tablets generally aren’t even turning the cellular capability on.

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