Spreaker: New Tumblr and Youtube Integration, and an Improved iOS App


New Features
Spreaker is now integreated with Tumblr and Youtube!
Spreaker is now integreated with Tumblr and Youtube!

Auto-share your podcasts to your Tumblr blog andYoutube channel by simply connecting your accounts. Your content will be heard by even more people, and your podcast will conquer the world!

Read on here for more!

New navigation bar
 Spreaker has released a new navigation bar

The new header is now smaller and cuter to look at, but packs a punch with its intuitive search and greater accessibility.

Check out  new Tumblr blog for more news!

New Spreaker iOS app 3.1
New Spreaker iOS app 3.1

They’ve updated our iOS app by fixing some bugs, as well as adding waveform to the Console and auto-saving sound effects.

Check it out, like it?

Q&A sessions on Podcasting
Read up or tune in to the words of wisdom of these podcasting and social media experts:
Jay Baer of Convince & Convert
Jay Baer of Convince & Convert
Jay Baer of Convince & Convert is the go-to expert on using social media in conjunction with your business. His great advice will help you build your community through podcasting.
Adam Spiegelman of Proudly Resents
Adam Spiegelman of Proudly Resents
Adam Spiegelman of Proudly Resents shares his story on rise to success, plus tips on being patient in the podcasting biz and how to not turn off your own audience.
Ray Ortega
Ray Ortega
Ray Ortega is the guy behind the scenes at The Podcasters* Studio, guiding hosts in making high quality podcasts with the help of professional tips, tricks, and new techniques.
Check out more interviews and tips here.
Discovering the Community
So much talent flows through Spreaker’s airwaves, and some of these gifted users have shared the stories and passion with us:
#TwittamiDiNotte The guys at #TwittamiDiNotte (Tweet me at Night) have combined the communities on Spreaker and Twitter in order to create a podcast directly run by its listeners. Read up on their passions and goals for the show.
The Bud and Roach ShowFollow
The Bud and Roach Show The Bud and Roach Show is the place “where truth happens”, a place where alternative news and content flow freely. Alex and Alonzo talk to us about their inspirations, and how and why they started their show.
Plane Talk on IMC RadioFollow
Plane Talk on IMC Radio Plane Talk on IMC Radio has become one of Spreaker’s more popular podcasts to date, featuring tons of news and information on aviation and planes with passionate hosts Jon Roberts, Derek Lagasse and Radek Wyrzykowski. Read up on their involvement with the Ninety-nine International Conference.
International Songwriting Competition (ISC)

Don’t forget to check out the International Songwriting Competition (ISC), featuring this year’s impressive panel of judges: Tom Waits, Wynonna, Janelle Mon´e, and many more!

Check the page out for all the upcoming news.

International Songwriting Competition (ISC)
The Following the Nerd Show
The Following the Nerd Showis a place where nerds can congregate and discuss everything from movies, comics, books, collectibles and the paranormal. Let the charming hosts Marc Savage and Michael Bashford guide you on all the latest news, reviews, articles & information on everything you love. They’ve got it covered!
The Truth Podcast
On The Truth Podcast Van Ark & Kelli Strawbridge share honest opinions and conversation about Prince and associated artists. Tune in for music reviews, and news, as well as discussions about the past, present and future of Prince. Plus, you can always catch special episodes on the hosts’ other favorite artists and music.
The WadeWire
Wade L. Heath is a young newspaper columnist discussing conservative issues in today’s America on The WadeWire. Tune in for clever criticism, commentary, and wit on all of the latest hot topics going on in the country – don’t miss it!
Today, finding a job is harder than ever, but WRDC Live is there to help. Listen in for the latest info on jobs and career development, plus learn new tips on the interviewing process and more through interviews and live discussions with callers.
Zbogom everyone, and do your best to beat the heat!
Spreaker’s team
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