Around the Net in Brand Marketing

Heineken Aligns Web And TV
Heineken is looking to make more original content for online channels and more long-form digital programming. Ron Amram, Heineken’s senior media director said most of the brand’s advertising remained focused on TV, but added: “What we’re trying to do now is have a secondary line of communication, one that’s more targeted.” – Read the whole story…
Mozilla Delays Blocking Cookies
Mozilla has postponed activating the third-party blocking feature on its latest browser, Firefox 22, according to an update on its developer page. The Mozilla Foundation, makers of the Firefox Web browser, had said it planned to block third-party advertising cookies by default on the new version. Apple’s Safari browser already blocks third-party cookies. The ANA and other ad groups have said the blocking plan is “a dangerous and highly disturbing development.” – Read the whole story…
Fiat May Move HQ To U.S.
Detroit Bureau
With Fiat SpA hoping to wrap up its takeover of Chrysler LLC sometime this year, the maker appears to be thinking over what could be an equally significant step, the possible move of its corporate headquarters from Italy to the U.S. Sources say Sergio Marchionne, CEO of the company is giving serious thought to basing the merged automaker out Chrysler’s sprawling campus in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills. – Read the whole story…
Kroger Defends Ditching Double Coupons
Supermarket News
Kroger’s CFO said the grocery chain’s double coupons in several markets was “a very expensive reward proposition that a very small number of [our] customers actually engage in.” Speaking at BMO Capital’s Farm to Market conference, Michael Schlotman said eliminating double coupons has helped the company invest in lower everyday prices that benefitted a larger group of shoppers than the chain’s heavy coupon shoppers. – Read the whole story…
The Next Martha Stewart
San Francisco Chronicle
Brit Morin may be the next — or at the least a digital — Martha Stewart. Formerly of Apple and Google, Morin has a Pinterest-like, venture-backed startup, Brit & Co. that aligns with the “maker movement.” It shows you how to make or where to find everything you see. It features recipes, creative decorations, and even technology to wear, like the Pebble watch. At the link, a video interview with Morin from Chronicle content partner Business Insider on her new startup. – Read the whole story…
Are Facebook’s ‘Likes’ Free Speech?
In a court room in Virginia, Facebook’s lawyers are busy arguing that the social network’s “Like” feature needs to be recognised with free-speech protection under the US Constitution. The case stems from when one Danny Carter, a former Hampton jailer, claimed he was fired after he posted a picture of his boss’s opponent in the sheriff’s race on his Facebook page. The implications go way beyond the local sheriff’s office. – Read the whole story…

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