Contemporary Cuban Artist Antonio Guerrero to Exhibit @ Georgia National Museum.

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Cuba the Key of the Gulf

MIAMI, Florida August 25, 2013 The Cuban Art Project/ Contemporary Cuban artist Antonio Guerrero has been selected to participate in PUNCTUM CONTRA PUNCTUM, an international exhibition of visual art at Georgia National Museum: Georgian National Gallery, 1-15 September 2013.

The “Punctum Contra Punctum II” exhibition committee and curator Richard L. Tooke, a scholar, collector and director for 30 years at The Museum of Modern Art, New York chose 21 paintings from Guerrero’s I live on a Red Planet series to be part of this public display. “His participation in this exhibition of artists from Venezuela, Peru, Austria, Germany, USA, Georgia, Switzerland, Philippines and Italy, adds greatly to the quality of work exhibited. As curator of this exhibition Antonio was one of the first artist that approached about participating. With my first encounter with Antonio’s work I immediately recognized an artist of maturity and stature, who continues to produce art of the highest quality.” Mr Tooke said.

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, The United States Embassy and the Austrian Library and will travel to locations within Europe and the U.S. after it leaves the Republic of Georgia later this year.

Antonio Guerrero was born in Matanzas, Cuba. On March 31, 1992 feeling increasingly oppressed by Cuba’s government, and unhappy with the worsening living conditions, Antonio, along with two other men, climbed into a raft they had secretly designed and built and left the island. Floating off from the coast of Matanzas, they were at sea for five days before being rescued by Brothers to the Rescue a humanitarian organization dedicated to rescuing rafters fleeing Cuba. He lives now in Miami Beach, Florida.

His art has been hailed as having  ‘Dali-esque’ undertones. Other names like Hieronymus Bosch, and Picasso have also been tossed about with absurd disregard to style and expression. Yeah, he’s heard it all by now but the truth is Antonio never even knew of these names until he came to the United States, and by that time he had already been painting for many years in Cuba. He doesn’t consider his work anything like that of these men and rightfully so because it isn’t. It is, like the work of true artists, a personal form of expression filled with symbolism and themes that resonate with an inner conscience. It is perhaps in this mission that he is an equal to the surrealist masters. The vibrant color red, the subtlety of glimmering gold backgrounds, or the black birds that sometimes speckle his creations are some of the personal glimpses into the subliminal conversations with a deeper state of being. The perspectives may be mystical to some, others may recall humor, but the result will be riveting.
Jose Marti by Antonio Guerrero,Antonio Guerreros art, paintings by Antonio Guerrero, fine art, art news, contemporary cuban artist, arte blanco y negro
Title:Yo soy arte entre las artes
Medium:Mixed media on paper
©2010 Antonio Guerrero
 Antonio confesses a deep connection with, and reverence for nature, the kind that is developed by long periods of constant admiration. Due to the isolation from the trends of the outside world, his formative years where for the most part spent outdoors, in open fields, and in communion with nature. There is a particular type of oneness that unites those who assimilate the platform of what is called reality.  Its visualization takes many forms and Antonio Guerrero’s perspective offers limitless variations of concepts drawn from revelations arrived after an inexhaustible search for the human quest of self-identity. A look at some of Antonio’s pieces, from the modern iconic image of ‘Jose Marti, El Gran Poeta’ – Cuba’s greatest hero – to ‘I Universe’ from I Live in a Red Planet, will prove there is no escaping the inexplicable pull inspired by his work.

The Georgian National Gallery was established in 1920. Dimitri Shevardnadze, a well-known Georgian painter, contributed significantly to the development of the gallery. Since its foundation, the gallery has served the development of Georgian fine arts.

Nowadays, the Gallery is one of the central exhibition spaces of the National Museum, where one can find temporary exhibitions such as “Georgian fine art masterpieces of the early 20th Century”.

Antonio Guerrero at his studio Miami Beach, Florida photos by Leticia del Monte
Antonio Guerrero at his studio in Miami Beach, Florida. May 2013.

2013 Naples Museum of Art, under the name “Incognito”, Naples FL,(USA)

2013  Miguel Rodez Art Project, under the name “Passion red”,Miami FL,(USA)

2013 LMNT Art Gallery, under the name “Celebrity Art Series”, Miami FL, (USA)

2013 MFA, under the name “Inspired by red” at Mano Fine Art, Miami Fl, (USA)

2012 Miguel Rodez Studio, under the name “Drawn from within, Miami Fl, (USA)

2012 MFA, under the name “Made in the USA” MANO Fine Art, Studio, Miami Fl (USA)

2012 Studio 18,under the name “Sincerity Project” Pembroke Pines FL, (USA)

2011 Cafeina Wynwood Lounge “Becks Emerging Artist” Miami FL, (USA)

2011 Leals Gallery, under the name “Cuban Master under 360” Miami FL, (USA)

2011 Mano Fine Art Project Space, under the name “Made in the USA, Miami FL( USA)

2011 Leal’s Gallery, under the name “Cubanos de aqui y de alla”, Miami FL, (USA)

2011 SeaFair, Represented by Aldo Castillo Gallery, Curated by Aldo Castillo, Sarasota FL, (USA)

2011 Art Naples, Represented by Aldo Castillo Gallery, Curated by Aldo Castillo, Naples FL,(USA)

2011 Art Naples, Represented by Miami Wave, Curated by Sergio Garcia, Naples FL, (USA)

2010 Miami Dade West Campus Martin and Pat Fine Center for the Arts, (USA)

2010 ArtRouge Gallery Miami Florida (USA)

2010 Renee Gallery, under the name “The Future belongs to you”, Miami Florida (USA)

2010 International Art Fair Palm Beach, Convention Center, Presented By Aldo Castillo’s Gallery

2010 International Art Fair Miami, It’s Present by Aldo Castillo’s Gallery, Miami Beach Convention C.

2009 Leal Gallery, under the name! “Milla 45” Miami Florida (USA)

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