Bobbi’s Makeup Lessons are Really Makeup Lessons, Not Makeovers!

Pretty Powerful Quote

Healthy and glowing skin is one of the blessings that can make you more beautiful and attractive. Only a few women have naturally glowing skin.  Some efficient makeup tips can help you get a glowing and shiny skin which is smooth and free from any spots. A great place to learn  this is at any  Bobbi Brown’s makeup counter. Their professional make up artists are always available to help you find and learn  what works for you.

They have eight different lessons,  whether you want a smokey eye or have a special event to go to, they will show you how to look your best.

This week I had the opportunity to go and live the experience.  I got  the 45 minutes Pretty Powerful Make Lesson. This is their signature 10 step lesson. Laurie,  the make artist,  showed  me  a  beauty routine  that is right for me. Absolutely fabulous! It was really a Makeup Lesson not a Makeover.

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