I love this painting by Antonio Guerrero. Yo soy Leticia del Monte

Antonio Guerrero
Conmigo o en mi Contra by Antonio Guerrero

Hayes Hall Galleries, The Bakers Museum, Naples, Florida

Florida Contemporary is a multimedia art exhibition showcasing artists currently practicing in Florida whose work addresses a vast range of thematic perspectives. From realism to abstraction and everything in between, Florida Contemporary features local photographers, painters, sculptors and graphic artists alongside an exciting array of new artists that visitors can discover for themselves. This exhibition provides an intriguing look at the innovative images, subject matter, techniques and mediums that exemplify art being created throughout Florida today.

Antonio Guerrero’s interdisciplinary work, which encompasses painting, sculpture, writing and photography is shaped by a wide array of interests including the philosophy of consciousness, Cuban culture and human cognition, which refers to the mental processes involved in establishing and shaping our understanding of reality. His work explores philosophical questions like the nature of existence, mind and body, knowledge, goodness and beauty. His interest in knowledge extends from the avant-garde arts and philosophy to history, literature, social sciences, public policy and economics. Of special interest are the forces driving social and cultural change such as globalization and the avant-garde artistic movements.

Guerrero begins with the autobiographical to explore the universal, but from the beginning, his work has focused on the application of aesthetics to understanding of all aspects of life including both personal development and institutional structures.

DSC_0874Antonio Guerrero is an autodidact visual artist. He has had exhibitions at The Baker Art Museum, Naples, Florida, The Georgian National Museum, Thomasville Center for the Arts among others. His works are included in several private and public collections including that of the Miami Dade College.

In its fourth installment, Florida Contemporary establishes an open space that experiments, identifies and critically examines the latest trends in the visual arts scene. The exhibition is particularly concerned with giving emerging artists the opportunity to introduce themselves to a broad sector of the public and exhibit alongside established figures in Florida’s contemporary art scene.

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