Work of Art Gallery & Framing Presents: A Night at the SeaFair

The Cuban Art Project


Miami, FL. – Work of Art Gallery & Framing is excited to present a collection of contemporary art at the SeaFair, a $40 million dollar Mega-yacht on May 30th at 7pm.

The collection will showcase seven exceptional well-established artists: Armando Colls, Jorge Santos, Elger Aragundi, , Jose Agustin Gonzalez Grillo, Yasser Piña Peña, Arnold Miranda & Miakel Martinez

The exhibition will explore the work of the award-winning Miami photographer Armando Colls who aims to share the true essence of beauty in nature and otherworldly landscapes; Jorge Santos, a Cuban surrealist painter who’s concern with art is his individual expression through the use of strong contour lines; Elger Aragundi, an Internationally acclaimed Ecuadorian-Miami based abstract artist with a free spirit, who expresses beauty by his monolithic use of materials, combined with ambiguity result in rich, corrosive and solid contrast; Maikel Martinez a Cuban painter who explores complex emotional states of the…

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