Airbnb Showdown On San Francisco’s November Ballot Averted For The Time Being


It looks like Airbnb is going to get a reprieve on facing a huge regulatory showdown on November’s ballot in San Francisco.

A former planning commissioner and affordable housing activists had paired up to put new regulation on the ballot that would have clarified rules on short-term rentals throughout the city. It would have been far stricter than a set of rules supervisor David Chiu had been working on for the past two years with input from Airbnb.

The group said today that they’re pulling their proposed initiative because it seems like they might be able to work out a compromise legislatively, instead of going through the initiative process. Even though they had collected more than 15,700 signatures to qualify for the ballot’s deadline today, they’re holding off and will reconsider for the November 2015 ballot instead.

Even though Airbnb has been headquartered out of San Francisco for the past…

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