General Harmonics Is Basically Pied Piper From “Silicon Valley”


General Harmonics is a small startup from Canada that’s looking to revolutionize the way we stream media. And rather than risk sounding like I’m writing some kind of self-parody, I’ll be blunt about it: they’re basically Pied Piper from HBO’s Silicon Valley, only with a few decades more experience and technology that’s way farther along.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the protagonists have started a company that makes compression software that makes files incredibly small, allowing for faster downloads and taking up less storage than they would otherwise.

What General Harmonic’s technology does is similar in outcome but entirely different in implementation. Instead of compressing files down to ever smaller sizes, the company looks at media as “systems of information,” or very detailed descriptions of the parts they’re composed of.

For instance, that means that a song is seen in terms of its vocals and the instruments played. The description of…

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