Little Black Primer_Final Composed Ad_Global_Exp Jan '16

A versatile, 3-in-1 primer that will change the life of your lashes. Once in a very rare while, we are introduced to just the thing we want before we recognize how desperately we need it. Typically, those little finds take us by surprise, and then, in an instant, make it hard to imagine how we lived without them.

Enter Estée Lauder’s NEW Little Black Primer™ that triples its duties by moonlighting as a subtle lash tint and a water-resistant topcoat. It’s the new Little Black Dress of lashes, a single, foolproof, all-occasion formula that belongs in every makeup wardrobe.

It should come as no surprise that eyelashes are a lot like hair. They should be prepped and styled to look their best, and need the right base to stay looking curled and voluminous all day. A primer, in effect, acts like pomade to help lashes hold their shape. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Estée Lauder counters nationwide and . Suggested Retail Price: $24.00


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