NEW Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Creme.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.18.14 PM

Since the times of the Greeks and Romans truffles have been used in Europe as delicacies, as aphrodisiacs, and as medicines. They are among the most expensive of the world’s natural foods, often commanding as much as $250 to $450 per pound.

Today Black Diamond Truffle is brilliantly transformed by Estée Lauder Scientists into an advanced, potent energy infusion that empowers skin’s beauty like never before. The rare power of the precious Black Diamond Truffle Extract is proven1 to have an astounding ability to stimulate skin vitality by supporting skin cells’ survival and increasing cellular energy, to help promote and sustain a visibly younger, healthier look. Skin appears vividly renewed and revitalized. Additionally, the patent-pending Black Diamond Truffle Extract has been shown2 to work in synergy with a key component of our advanced youth sustaining technologies to help promote a reduction in excess melanin for more even-toned looking skin

Infused with the ingenious combination of the exclusive Black Diamond Truffle Extract and advanced youth-sustaining and lifting technologies, this ultra-luxurious creme creates a more even-toned and contoured look of absolute perfection. From the first touch, skin is enveloped with deep, nourishing moisture and instantly feels refreshed and velvety soft. Over time, skin’s energized look is vividly renewed and skin radiates with a more contoured, profoundly younger look.

NEW Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Creme is available at select Estée Lauder counters nationwide and beginning March 2015. SRP: $350.00

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