The AERIN Fragrance Collection “Tangier Vanille”


“Tangier – like Morocco itself – is a crossroads where many cultures meet. The scents of spices from everywhere — like vanilla, cinnamon and saffron – fill the air. From the palaces and gardens to the legendary bazaars, there’s always something new to explore.” – Aerin Lauder, Founder and Creative Director, AERIN

For centuries, the port city of Tangier has been the door that leads travelers into the exotic world of Morocco. In the winding streets, lush gardens and breathtaking palaces, artists, writers and bohemian socialites have all fallen under Morocco’s spell. This season, AERIN uncovers a secret door to the mystery and splendor of this alluring destination – NEW AERIN Tangier Vanille, the latest addition to the AERIN Fragrance Collection. A mesmerizing dance between classic and modern worlds, Tangier Vanille wraps the luxuriousness of rich Vanilla in radiant light. The distinctive combination of warm vanilla and crisp bergamot creates a fascinating contrast of mystery, much like the city of Tangier itself.

Tangier Vanille sparkles with the uplifting, sun-drenched luster of Italian Bergamot and the richly refined petals of fabled Bulgarian Rose. At the heart, Madagascar Vanilla, one of the finest Vanillas in the world, offers a unique aroma of gourmand-tinged warmth with floral undertones for a delicately full and naturally distinctive essence unlike any other. The addition of Benzoin and Tonka Bean add a sensuous warmth to the already comforting nature of Vanilla. The velvety seduction of Amber adds a golden glow while smooth Sandalwood and soft Musk gracefully wrap the fragrance in a final veil of mystery

Inspired by North African tribal prints, the hand-painted packaging design for Tangier Vanille is an AERIN exclusive. With shades that evoke the velvety, rich aroma, the unique print features a silky, smooth chocolate tone that speaks to the dark, exotic fragrance elements paired with a creamy ecru hue that speaks to the hero note of Vanilla.



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