Shot clandestinely in Cuba, “Irene in Havana” is the story of a Spanish young rebel who travels to the island in search of answers and gets disillusioned knowing the reality of the Castro dictatorship.

The 30-minute short film revolves around a moving love story framed in the tragic process that Cubans over 60 years, have been living since the painful experience of exile.

Directed by prestigious filmmaker Lilo Vilaplana, with screenplay by journalist Juan Manuel Cao, the short film is played by Irene Díaz, in her debut as an actress, and Ariel Texidó, one of Cuba’s and Latin America’s favorite actors in both television and cinema. Both accompanied by a stellar cast that brings together legendary career figures such as María Teresa Rojas, Sandra Pérez, Carlos Cruz and Luis Felipe Bagos.

Vilaplana said that directing this script highly excited him with the challenge of filming in Cuba, as well as by touching on the subject of a massacre, distorted for over half a century by Castro’s propaganda. “Castrism should be denounced, due to its 60 years of impunity, and it is our responsibility to transgress, not keeping quiet and go on the offensive,” added Vilaplana. “The politicians must know that the island belongs to us, the Cubans and that we will recover it.”

For his part, Cao said that the conception of this script was a challenge. It was, nothing less than the first story about the shootings revealed in all the history of Cuban cinema. “And also,” noted Cao, “it’s a love story.”

For Irene Díaz, filming in Havana and Miami was a transformative experience. “Participating in this project meant leaving the comfort zone, experimenting in an unknown area, breaking the routine,” said the young protagonist, a journalist by profession. “I can say that, in some respects, the character could have been I before moving to live in Miami.”

This production, marks a milestone in film and television industry of the United States, was conducted by Carlos Vasallo, Emilio Braun, Miguel Cossío and Marcell Felipe. The clandestine filming in Havana was a huge technical and logistical effort carried out by an experienced technical team who challenged the ferocious controls imposed by the Cuban authorities.

Vasallo, President of America CV Network, commented that this production reaffirms América TeVé’s commitment with the history of the Cuban exile and the South Florida community.

“We are proud to produce this short film, which marks a milestone in the Cuban filmography,” noted Mr. Vasallo. “We risk filming clandestinely in Cuba and where we are gathering the fruits of our efforts with unique work that excels both in direction and performance showing that when you strive you can obtain anything you work for.”

America CV Network’s VP, Emilio Braun, pointed out that this short film kicks off a new effort in the company. “We will start producing much more content with this type of format that are very attractive focusing on specific niches that viewers are looking for,” added Braun.

The film will premiere on Tuesday, November 27th at 8 p.m. at the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana at 900 SW 1 Street, Miami, 33130. Free admission in order of arrival. 800 person capacity.

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