The Secret of Great Programming is Motivation.


Today’s highlights
GREAT Programmers Stay ABOVE the mark, to HIT the mark.
Getting into web development isn’t an easy thing to do
Hi. I’m Ken.
Ken Wheeler in Codezillas14 min read
Starving artists have been affected by more than just piracy and streaming royalties
Craig Havighurst in Cuepoint7 min read
Best in Programming
An interview with Clive Thompson, author of the great new book ‘Coders’
Emily J. Smith in OneZeroMember only content7 min read
How the values of code become the norm, and how some coders are successfully avoiding the Lust for Scale
Best in Data Science
The NIH is gathering data from a broad range of patients, but there are questions about who will really…
Benjamin Powers in OneZeroMember only content6 min read
The boot-shaped state isn’t shaped like that anymore. So, we revised its iconic outline to reflect the truth…
Brett Anderson in MatterMember only content32 min read
UN and charity organizations are taking biometric data from refugees, prompting some critics to worry about…
MORGAN MEAKER in OneZeroMember only content6 min read
Best in Music
Falling in love with your own soundtrack
Lara Avery in Gay MagMember only content22 min read
Most read
When we become attached to familiar patterns, we sabotage our own lives
Brianna Wiest in Human PartsMember only content3 min read
A Diophantine equation is an algebraic equation with several unknowns and integer coefficients
Our Dominican culture conflates love with touch, but I want my daughter to feel like she has a choice
Katie Acosta in Human PartsMember only content5 min read
Editors’ picks
For those of us who love addicts, cold turkey is the only withdrawal method that works
Jennie Young in Human PartsMember only content6 min read
‘Hang in there!’ can do more harm than good
Rebecca Renner in ForgeMember only content4 min read
The issue isn’t whether this local mini-celebrity should be canceled. It’s that white Iowans refuse to treat…
Jennifer Harvey in GENMember only content6 min read


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