Ariel Perez

“I’ve been told so many times and for so long that I have talent that I believed it myself, it is my turn now to make a believer out of you.”

My name is Ariel Perez I was born in Havana, Cuba in 1970, moved to United states in 2001.    I ‘m a interior designer and painter, have a whole curriculum as a designer, not as much as a painter, but please don’t quit reading yet. I’ve been always involved with art but commercially only from 2007, when after giving away my paintings to friends and family was approached by the owner of “World Art Gallery” in Key West FL  who signed me to his gallery where now I’m the best seller, which means a lot t me because I never even pursued a commercial career. After that, I submitted three paintings to “Paintings of the world” another gallery located in Tampa FL  and was accepted with the three of them, within a week my picture was in a local newspaper.

As an artist I like to get the most out of my painting, that is the reason why I prefer to custom size my work, always making my own gallery frames from scratch and stretch my own canvases, love large formats, the reason for this  is my “simplistic design approach”.  I rather have a large painting on a wall as a focal point than several smaller ones, of course this is totally personal, just a matter of taste.  I envision myself as an experimental artist, inclined to do the unexpected out of a material or a technique. I love mixing media, acrylics and oils, gold leaf, metallic foils  and leather are present in my work, which on canvas  adds extra  dimensionality and up to 1/2 inches in relief. My work even as a painting, can not only be appreciated  with your eyes but also felt with your hands. I call it “sculpture on canvas“, it is what makes it unique.

-On the abstract side, I’m currently working in a series based on the Crop circles, this “phenomena” always intrigued me (not necessarily believe they are extraterrestrial but still intriguing)…
Currently  working in two more figurative series of painting “STRINGS” based on traditional  instruments  from around the world.  I was inspired to explore a more tangible approach to my dimensional painting by working with some leather cords leftover from another project. “STRINGS” is a bringing together of recycled materials and my love for music, and “CLOCKS”  in which I try to represent known time related phrases through painting.

So, I would like to invite you  to take a trip into my world . Hopefully , you will appreciate my art without these words  attached to it.


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