Felix Mas

©2010 Felix Mas

The work of Felix Mas is rich in color and does gala of the knowledge on the nature of the symbolism.  They also appear init the conception so much of the world theological as of the world philosophic of the culture afrocubana and the wealth of the demonstration  Yoruba, Palo Mayombe as the diversity of the elements that participate in the liturgies, find a plasmasis almost perfect.   The use of the light and the shadow contribute the character mysterious and magic that wraps all its work.

The tone primitivism of the designs competes and border not alone with it supernatural, but also, with it exoteric suggesting it, the extra earthly and the encounter with other worlds; in this rests its originally and we can to speak about personification, attending to the innocence authenticates of its lines that prevail along its works; parallel to an evident solemnity that underlies in all his pictures. Natividad Torres.
Poet, author and conferenciante.  Specialist in Yoruba Culture. She studied Philology in the University of Havana. Resides in Miami since 1980.

Artist Statement
Felix’s Art Work

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