Floyd is a pioneer in the Motion Art movement; he is the only artist of his kind who creates art with rock bands. The final product is a revolution on canvas fueled by the music’s energy and Floyd’s art. His art manages to span the commercial, artistic and street worlds.

He has performed with music greats such as  Ricardo Montaner, Tito Nieves and  Jerry Rivera. He recently participated in Broward/West Palm Beach New Times’ Artopia and has had several gallery exhibits in Miami, Coral Gables and Wynwood Design District. His work has been auctioned off to benefit organizations such as The Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and La Ventana de los Cielos. Most recently his performances and art were featured at the Art Miami’s Bridge Art Fair and Green Art Fair in December 2008. In March 2009 he was invited by Irreversible Magazine to exhibit at Arte Americas at the Miami Beach Convention Center and most recenty at the 2010 MIA Art Fair at the Miami Beach Convention Center. See more of his work.

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