Julio Cesar Rodriguez Aguilar

©Julio Cesar Rodriguez Aguilar

Julio Cesar Rodriguez was born in the province of Holguin,Cuba, on the 14 th of September in 1976. Since he was young he was inclined to the arts. He began his studies at the age of 12, in the vocational school of art in Holguin. He later continued in a professional school in the city. After graduating in 1995, he dedicated himself entirely to finding his own true line of art. He became and art professor of drawing for six years while participating in multiple personal and collective expositions throughout Cuba, Canada, Spain, China, USA,Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy, and the Dominican Republic.He now resides in Florida where he continues to create his scenarios and fantasies through painting and drawing. His work is a mix of figuration and expressionism with and air of surrealism where he projects his vision of the world, nature and man poetically and philosophically.

Press here to see Julio’s Latest Work

Artist’s Statement (Spanish Version)

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