Exhibits and Publications

Name: Antonio Guerrero

Born: Matanzas, Cuba (1968)

Education: “A gif from GOD” Self-taught

Selected Exhibitions: (*Solo Shows)

2010* AbaHouse Art Gallery, under the name “Evolution”; Doral Florida (USA)

2010 Miami Dade West Campus Martin and Pat Fine Center for the Arts

2010 AbaHouse  Art Gallery, under the name “Close encounters”; Doral  Miami Florida (USA)

2010* US Century Bank, under the name “Exile on Main Street”

2010* Touch Muah, under the name  “I live in a Red Planet”

2010 ArtRouge Gallery Miami Florida (USA)

2010 Renee Gallery, under the name “The Future belongs to you”, Miami Florida (USA)

2010  The Art of Freedom, under the name  “51 Años de todos”, Miami Florida (USA)

2010  International Art Fair Palm Beach at the Palm Beach County Convention Center( West Palm Beach Fl)  It’s Presented By Aldo Castillo’s Gallery (Chicago USA).

2010  International Art Fair Miami,  It’s Present by Aldo Castillo’s  Galleries, Miami Beach Convention Center (USA)

2009 Leal Gallery, under the name! “Milla 45” Miami Florida (USA)

2009  MAC Building, under the name “Artistas por una America Verde” @ 5960 SW 57 Ave. Miami, Fl 33143

2009* Undergrung Art Fair at the Santa Barbara Hotel  Miami Beach Fl (USA)

2009 Glass Gallery, City Hall  Pembroke Pines, Pines Boulevard Florida (USA)

2009 Sunflour Weston, under the name “Cubanos, Marca Registrada” Weston, Fl 2009 (USA)

2009  University of Miami, under the name “One”, Miami Fl (USA)

2009 L.Y Canes & Walter’s Arts Gallery, under the name “Artistas Independientes” Miami Florida (USA) 2009  Alliance Française, Miami Florida (USA)

2009  777 Studio Gallery, Miami Florida (USA)2008   Color Alternative Space, under the name “The Way to Love”, Miami, FL (USA)

2008* Les Halles restaurant Coral Gables, Miami, FL (USA)2008   Colby Gallery, under the name “Mexican Influence in Latin American Art” Chicago, Illinois (USA)

2008* The Luxury index, Design District, Miami, FL (USA)

2008 Art fusion Gallery(Design Art District) (USA)

2008* Piola Restaurant, South Beach (USA)

2008 Second Annual Williams Island Artwarlk (Virtu) (USA)

2008 The Goddess Store and Studio, Artwalk Gallery, Hollywood Florida (USA)

2007 Tampa Artist Emporium Gallery, Tampa Florida (USA)

2007 Horizon line Gallery, under the name “The naked people” Tampa Florida (USA)

2005 ArtRome Gallery (Italy)

1996 Cubans in the Exile, US Rep, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Washinton, DC “Cubans in exile” (USA)

1995 Galeria Vanidades, Miami Florida (USA)

1995 José Marti Foundation, Miami Florida (USA)

1987* Diré Dawa Military Base, Ethiopia while serving with the Cuban Army. (Ethiopia, Africa)


Mirta de Perales, oil on canvas “Los Balseros del 92”.
International private collectors world-wide.

Awards and Honors

2005 Third Place Award Winner, ArtRome Gallery, Rome, (ITALY)

2009 First Place, two Awards winer , Best man show and best art i the show! Miami Florida.

Public-Speaking Engagements

Interview, ”Art for your ears” WMNF 88.5 FM Community Radio, Tampa Florida (USA)2007

Interview, “City of art” TV, Community network ,Tampa Florida (USA) 2006

Interview, “Radio Mambi” Live Show , Miami, FL (USA) 1994

Interview, “Orgullo Latino” Channel Cosmovisión, Miami  FL (USA) 2008

TV Miami Channel, Miami Florida (USA) 2009

Interview, “La Poderosa” Emisora de Radio AM, Miami FL (USA) 2009

DIVA Latinoamericana (Chile) 2009

2010 Radio Caracol  Miami Fl (USA)


1994 Diario las Americas, January 26 (USA)

1996 Washington Times, Washington, DC May 24 (USA)

2005 ArtRome Gallery, Italy, Just Paint International On-Line Juried Art Exhibition (ITALY)

2008 Express Media International (London, Madrid, Miami, Bogota)

2009  Hispanic Target Magazine, Miami Florida (USA)

2009 DIVA Latinoamerica

http://www.divalatinoamerica.blogspot.com/ (Chile)

2009 Connection Magazine, Miami Florida, “Cubanos Marca Registrada” (USA)

2009 Generacion Acere, obra de la semana!  http://generacionasere.blogspot.com/ (USA)

2010 Revista Gente http://www.gentedemiami.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=85 Miami Florida (USA)

2010 Hispanic PR Wire http://www.hispanicprwire.com/News/es/17285/7/sbs-miami-y-el-u.s.-century-bank-se-unen-para-promover (USA)

2010 Diario Las Americas! http://www.diariolasamericas.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 El Hispano News! http://elhispanonews.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 A toda Marcha online  http://www.atodamarchaonline.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Yahoo en español  http://espanol.news.yahoo.com/s/100608/57/gm38p0.html (USA)

2010 Flamingo Miami South Beach Vacation http://www.greatmiamivacation.com/news-search/miami+south+beach (USA)

2010 Periodico 7 Dias!  http://www.7dias.us/ (USA)

2010 Diario Horizonte! http://www.diariohorizonte.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Boom Latin Music and lifestyle! http://boomonline.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 / (USA)

2010 Periodico Monitor Hispano! http://www.monitorhispano.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 / (USA)

2010 Que Onda Magazine! http://www.queondamagazine.com/ (USA)

2010 Yahoo Notocias en español! http://espanol.news.yahoo.com/s/100608/57/gm38p0.html&printer=1 (USA)

2010 El Reportero Las Vegas! http://www.elreporterolasvegas.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Metro Latino USA! http://www.metrolatinousa.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 El Argentino! http://www.elargentinosinfronteras.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Hola Ciudad! http://fortmyers.holaciudad.com/notas/85335-estaciones-radio-unen-promover-el-arte-pintores-cubanos-el-exilio- (USA)

2010 El Bohemio News! http://www.bohemionews.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 International News! http://www2.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=PRNI2&STORY=/www/story/06-08-2010/0005252999&EDATE= (International)

2010 El Amanecer! http://www.elamanecerusa.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Vida Nueva! http://www.vida-nueva.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)2010 News El Hispano! http://www.elhispanonews.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Ahora! http://www.ahoranews.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010  El periodico USA! http://www.elperiodicousa.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010  Periodico & Dias! http://www.7dias.us/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 La Ley 107.9 FM http://laley1079.com/readnews_e.php?id=17285 (USA)

2010 Gente de Minnesota! http://laley1079.com/readnews_e.php?id=17285 (USA)

2010 Que Buena! http://www.quebuenatulsa.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 El Inmigrante! http://elinmigrante.us/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 La Guia! http://www.revistalaguia.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Prensa Mexicana! http://www.prensamexicana.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Hola Ciudad! http://fortmyers.holaciudad.com/notas/85335-estaciones-radio-unen-promover-el-arte-pintores-cubanos-el-exilio- (USA)

2010 Radio al Aire! http://www.radioalaire.com/noticias_temp122.php (USA)

2010 News The Bilingual! http://www.thebilingualnews.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Mega 106.7 http://lamega.fm/readnews_e.php?id=17285 (USA)

2010 Hoy en Delaware! http://www.hoyendelaware.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Noticia, Nueva Generacion! http://www.noticiahispanoamericana.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Nuevo Siglo! http://www.nuevosiglotampa.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 La Revista Del Diario! http://www.larevistadeldiario.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Bolsa Mania!http://www.bolsamania.com/noticias-actualidad/notasDePrensa/SBS-Miami-y-el-US-Century-Bank-Se-Unen-para-Promover-el-Arte-de-los-Pintores-Cubanos-en-el-Exilio–CL1714806082010-1–18a36ceeb2e4593a62369c272554cbdb.html?symfony=13nkkbsb4f0a1orkhe9n0p8023 (USA)

2010 La Voz! http://www.lavozchisme.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Generacion Acere! http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Kpm5b1uIbYQJ:generacionasere.blogspot.com/2009/05/ee-uu-obstaculiza-la-entrada-al.html+SBS+Miami+y+el+U.S.+Century+Bank+Se+Unen+para+Promover+el+Arte+de+los+Pintores+Cubanos+en+el+Exilio&cd=25&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a (International)

2010 Mensaje Cocina y Cultura! http://cocina.mensajetv.com/ (USA)

2010 Que Pasa bulletin! http://www.quepasabulletin.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 El Lider USA! http://www.elliderusa.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Farandu Life! http://www.farandulife.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 Yahoo en español! http://espanol.finance.yahoo.com/noticias/SBS-Miami-U-S-Century-Bank-Se-hprw-288240745.html?x=0 (Universal)

2010 Radio al Aire! http://www.radioalaire.com/noticias_temp122.php (USA)

2010 Artistas Miami!  http://artistasmiami.com/exhibiran-obras-de-artistas-cubanos-exiliados-en-miami (USA)

2010 Gente de Miami http://gentedemiami.com/ (USA)

2010 The timble Eye Gallery http://timble-eye-gallery.com/news.php (USA)

2010 Revista La Anntena http://www.notimusicaonline.net/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=4093 Los Angeles (USA)

2010 Yahoo en español http://espanol.news.yahoo.com/s/100608/57/gm38p0.html (USA)

2010 Bolsa Mania http://www.bolsamania.com/noticias-actualidad/notasDePrensa/SBS-Miami-y-el-US-Century-Bank-Se-Unen-para-Promover-el-Arte-de-los-Pintores-Cubanos-en-el-Exilio–CL1714806082010-1–18a36ceeb2e4593a62369c272554cbdb.html (International)

2010 Infomercados https://www.infomercados.com/actualidad/noticia/news-wire/sbs-miami-y-el-u-s-century-bank-se-unen-para-promover-el-arte-de-los-pintores-cubano-/20100608/39595/p (International)

2010 El Hispano News! http://farandula.yookus.com/2010/06/sbs-miami-y-el-u-s-century-bank-se-unen-para-promover-el-arte-de-los-pintores-cubanos-en-el-exilio/ (International)

2010 Noticias Hispanic PR Wire http://www.noticiahispanoamericana.com/head_pr.php (International)

2010 La Bolsa http://bolsa.elperiodicomediterraneo.com/noticias-actualidad/notasDePrensa/SBS-Miami-y-el-US-Century-Bank-Se-Unen-para-Promover-el-Arte-de-los-Pintores-Cubanos-en-el-Exilio–CL1714806082010-1–18a36ceeb2e4593a62369c272554cbdb.html?symfony=jm4nei07hi1imup9hqf30pv8l2 (International)

2010 Hispano de tulsa http://www.hispanodetulsa.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 El Comercio de Colorado http://www.elcomerciocolorado.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 El Argentino http://www.elargentinosinfronteras.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (International)

2010 El imparcial http://www.elimparcialct.com/news_pr.php?nid=17285 (USA)

2010 El nuevo Herald http://www.elnuevoherald.com/2010/08/05/777547/close-encounters-encuentro-y-encrucijadas.html?storylink=fb (USA)

2010 Miami Dade College http://www.mdc.edu/main/news/articles/2010/08/mdc_west_at_doral_to_kick_off_social_fri.asp Miami Florida (USA)

2010 Revista Gente http://www.gentedemiami.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=85 Miami Florida (USA)



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