The Estée Lauder brand today announced that it has signed Hollywood actress Eva Mendes to represent the brand’s New Dimension transformative skincare collection. Mendes will appear in digital, TV and print advertising campaigns debuting in Fall 2015.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Eva to the Estée Lauder family to represent New Dimension skincare,” said Jane Hertzmark Hudis, Global Brand President, Estée Lauder. “As an actress, businesswoman and now a mother, Eva understands the power of transformation that is at the heart of our new approach to beauty. Eva’s warmth and approachability will help us share this incredible story with women around the world.”

“Since my teenage years, I have always admired Estée Lauder, the woman and the brand,” said Mendes. “I’m excited to represent New Dimension skincare because I can relate personally to what it stands for – the power we have as women to take control and transform our own beauty.”

The skincare collection features New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum and New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape. It empowers women to transform their appearance, helping define the look of contours so every angle becomes a woman’s best angle.

AERIN incorpora dos NUEVAS fragancias – Iris Meadow y Waterlily Sun


El mundo de los perfumes tiene un marco muy extenso. Así, son muchas las celebridades de todos los ámbitos, las que se unen a sacar las fragancias que lleven sus nombres, algunas hasta repiten una y otra vez, y otras agregan nuevas fragancias a su ya famosa colección, como es el caso de Aerin que ahora ha incorporado dos NUEVAS fragancias: Iris Meadow y Waterlily Sun.

Las fragancias prometen matices idílicos, amansados y cálidos perfectos para cualquier época del año. Creada con los mejores componentes y cuidadosamente supervisada por Aerin, cada uno de los siete frascos de fragancias representa un aspecto único de AERIN.

Una de mis  fragancias favoritas es Waterlily Sun;  me hace  recordar  un viaje a Londres, Inglaterra en el invierno del 1997. El olor a flores me hizo recordar mis caminatas interminables por la ciudad bajo una lluvia perenne que sólo cesó un día antes de marcharme, estuve allí 21 días.


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Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection 2014


Bronze Goddess Trendview_Global_Expires March '15

This summer, Estée Lauder captivates the senses with a sultry limited edition color look in the NEW Bronze Goddess Summer 2014 Color Collection. This modern yet sensual makeup look is inspired by a symphony of color born from the enchantment of long stretched beaches of white sand that turn golden as night falls.

A truly divine experience, the Bronze Goddess Summer 2014 Color Collection features a spectrum of subtly nude hues accented by exquisitely rich colors from soft corals to deep blackberries and lavishly gilded metallics. Eyes glisten with nudes and metallic sparkle. Lips are glossed and brightened with luscious color. Cheeks glow as if kissed by the sun.


A Powerful UV Protector that Defends Skin to Keep it Looking Younger, Longer

Estée Lauder’s philosophy “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful” is a dedication to delivering high-performance skincare with the most advanced protection and prevention to address every woman’s needs. Understanding the importance of high-level SPF protection, Estée Lauder introduces NEW DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50. Defending skin like never before, this comprehensive, powerful UV Base features broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen to help skin resist the first signs of aging as well as DayWear’s signature Super Anti-Oxidant Complex for powerful protection against every key type of free radical damage. The sheer, lightweight formula absorbs easily and invisibly into skin and can be worn either alone, over moisturizer or under foundation. Ideal for all skin types, DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 protects skin, lightly hydrates and helps skin regain its youthful radiance.

DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 includes high level protection with SPF 50 protection plus the all-day advanced anti-oxidant benefits of DayWear.

Protection with Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen
This UV Base features SPF 50 to help protect skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays and is the highest SPF in the DayWear collection.

Prevention with Super Anti-Oxidant Complex
This proprietary complex of skin-essential anti-oxidants, which includes Vitamins C & E, Eukarion and EGT, is proven to help defend against all major types of free radicals that can lead to premature aging. Featuring breakthrough technology that allows anti-oxidants to be recycled for all-day protection, this anti-oxidant combination is so effective that it neutralizes every key type of skin-damaging free radical.

Diminish the First Signs of Aging
This comprehensive formula helps prevent visible signs of aging such as a fine lines, uneven tone, discoloration, dullness and rough texture. It’s formulated with hydrating ingredients including glycerin and hyaluronic acid to help keep skin lightly hydrated and comfortable while leaving it soft and smooth. As a result, the appearance of fine, dry lines diminishes and skin regains its healthy glow.

Applied as the last step in a skincare regimen, DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 helps protect skin from sun exposure. The lightweight texture can be worn alone, over moisturizer or under foundation. Absorbing easily and invisibly into skin, it provides a smooth base for makeup or foundation and is suitable for all skin types. Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested. Non-acengenic.